The scent of old parchments,A deep inhale she breathes inTheir aurelian intangible magic, And antique book stores,While heavy drizzle drills awayOn translucent glass, Ladders and shelves,Dusty corners dampening from mist. Sitting cross-legged, one in a lap,Beneath bamboo floored wood creaks. Auburn robust jacket,Their edges quivering at seamsAs fingertips trace, search For his lost lovers’ names. […]

Twinkle twinkle little star

“Twinkle twinkle little starHow I wonder what you are” Oh you celestial luminary, Your titanic eidolon inThis oceanic province, Your body encompassing moreThan a billion atomic dreams, Your esse too prodigious,For naked wee orbs, That finger pointing,And we sing, you “little star”. Oh you colossal stunner, Your soul fostered of resolute duress,Your skin ruptured into […]


“You are beautiful”,Mumbles the drowning sun,When he reflects her melaninWith his own auburn dusk. Caramel drips from her neckAnd bleach trails on those coffee cheeks. “Muddy utensils, I will whiten them clean” The furious rays singe her even more,“Look at me”Her head jerks up, bewildered.And she beholds, a canvas of art. Sand dunes of beige […]


Saffron.Won’t you blaze with sun’s fervour whileAn endless dusk sleeps on ?Won’t you dawn on us,A wildfire’s vigour ?Won’t you ignite flames where,These black ashes bridge soil and sky ?Won’t you lend your hue bright toThese greige drops dormant in vesselsBlanching under this persistent weather ? Won’t you? White.Won’t you emerge from us like a […]


A/N : The rain said “to hell with your writer’s block, damn you if you don’t write about my beauty”. And so there goes my block flying out the window washed away by rain. p.s.:- It’s been raining here for a while. I am so HAPPY. Drops drizzling, drippingHeavy and steady paceBeating dust dry. With […]

The Secret Garden

I stand and sometimes I pace.Far away my footsteps carry, Miles away to a secret gardenBuried beneath her graveyard. Everytime the cavern finds me easy. Sometimes I crawl and creepThrough hollow tunnels, The sound of an engine heavy afar,A striking caveat yomping away,Quivering turfs dye hair brown. As I reach, I tread on lightly,While golden […]

You won’t find.

The Cha-ching of metal and paper,Purveys empty villasAnd darkened filthy streets. Every single one braids a festoonAround with a gilded glint,That blinds his eyes, While a rusty wheel glows faint,As she rolls with it on small bare footDodging many puddles across alleys. Each one architects on earthPillars and arches high,Palatial marble floors, Shy warmth seeping […]


Since a very long time ago,From those four elements,They believed the world arose. But this world was deemed meagreBy those whose thirst the riverTried and failed to quench, For they craved not the lifeBut only the privation of death. While this fallacy prevailed on largeOne more as such took roots. And so did he take […]

The End

A full stop exists only on paper.And endings solely in stories. Earth twirls on melodies thatSeconds play on strings. The same old tune.Again and again. Who will dare write an epilogue forThis world’s pages have long gone yellowBut then the author will be its only reader. The song goes on,With or without a rhythm, Dreadfully […]

Magic : part 2

The Spell of music. Deft fingertips conjure up An ambience that undulates To and through her shells with O so delicate caress of those Stark contrast,an array of smooth lips, And they correspond in kind With gentle whisper of a lullaby Mellowing the harsh sound of wind Outside, her ragged exhale, And draw a sigh […]